Deadly Dragons descend on Norwich!

Dragons descended on the city at the end of last week as the Seven Stories touring exhibition ‘The Viking’s Guide to Deadly Dragons’ arrived at Norwich Castle, where even Cressida Cowell popped along for the launch weekend. A small number of children (and adults, including one of our team!) congregated at the castle on Friday evening, where Cressida spoke about her books and even did a live-drawing during her Q&A! It was wonderful to hear her speak so animatedly about her passion for children’s reading, telling the younger members of the crowd that she writes her books to be read aloud- a lovely sentiment during National Story Telling Week.Cressida


The exhibition will be at Norwich Castle until 30th May, so there’s plenty of time for you or your school to plan a visit. It’s a must-see opportunity to bring literacy alive, and what better surroundings than in one of our county’s best Museums?

It was National Libraries Day on Saturday and as we mentioned last week, branches across Norfolk were taking part in a big Norfolk Storytime, in which one of our Library Assistants participated- see below for Zoë’s roundup of her morning:

At 11:00 on Saturday, I was joined by three exuberant volunteers (Jordon, Hayden and Anouschka), some excited children and patient adults to listen to Cressida Cowell’s ‘Hiccup – The Viking who was Seasick’ at Earlham Library.

Once all the important (but not all very exciting) bits were explained, we began the story; the same story was being read by Cressida Cowell at Norwich Castle as well as other libraries around the county.

The children listened really well and lots of hands went up when I asked who had enjoyed the story.

Next the listeners were asked to design a poster ‘Why I love my Library…’ with the chance of winning a family voucher for Norfolk Museums.

Lots of colouring, writing and thinking later, we collected in the finished posters and began the hard task of judging – over first lunch as the young volunteers called it.

Posters will be on display at participating libraries so pop along and see why others love their library and maybe you could do a poster too.

Now- some Friday Reads!

Apryl: Where Did They Go? by Emily Bornoff

Where Did They GoFeaturing endangered species from across the world, this wonderfully illustrated spot-the-animal book is an interesting way to discuss conservation and why these animals are so hard to find in real life too.

(Big Picture Press, £10.99 hardback, ISBN 9781783702787)



Georgie: Bird by Beatriz Martin Vidal

BirdThis beautiful wordless book wants you to ‘let your imagination fly’. For me, it seemed like a metaphor for growing up, exploring the idea of flight and restlessness. I think this would be a great book to use in class as the different images can be interpreted in a number of different ways. The illustrations are breath-taking and very unique.

(Simply Read Books, £12.99 hardback, ISBN 9781927018644)

Harriet: Gravity by Jason Chin

GravityThis attractive picture book is the simplest explanation of gravity imaginable, with often only a single word to a page. There is a slightly more detailed explanation of gravity at the back of the book – but it doesn’t mention Einstein’s gravity waves and the hot news of proof of their existence! This attractive picture book is just one of many we have on space and physics which can begin to answer children’s questions about scientific discoveries – very exciting!

(Anderson Press, £6.99 paperback, ISBN 9781783441976)

Zoë: Friends? by Dee Philips

friendsThis teen short read is a challenging read inasmuch that it’s about the pitfalls of social networking. At the end of the story there are several suggestions for follow-up activities which would be useful for Guided Reading, discussion or debate as well as individual written tasks.

Gaby and Sam were friends at school before Sam moved away. When she comes back, her home circumstances have changed because her father lost all their money. To make things worse, Sam gets bullied by Alisha and each online message gets more unpleasant until, finally, Sam can’t cope with the situation any more…

(Redzone Books, £5.99 paperback, ISBN 9781783222087)

You can read all of our previous Friday Read recommendations here.


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