Conference, Castle, Carnegie, Friday Reads!

It’s been a busy week for us here; on Tuesday, our office was visited by THIRTY key stage 1 pupils from Langham Village, all of whom chose books and took part in activities complementing their morning session at the Norfolk Record Office. A brilliant time was had by all- “lots of smiles” according to one of the accompanying teachers!

Thursday was our Language is Power conference (more on that next week!), and this afternoon, we’re once again at Norwich Castle for the second of our Peters book award parties. Looking beyond the weekend, we’ll be keeping track of all the Shakespeare week celebrations (see our theme Thursday list here), PLUS the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway shortlists are announced on Tuesday 15th so there’ll be no rest for us- we’ll be cracking on with reading those books that make the cut, in preparation for our shadowing event in June.

This week’s Friday Reads, below:

Harriet: Bear On a Bike by Hannah Shaw

BearThis is a hilarious story, of extreme simplicity – and silliness – made all the funnier by the bright, cartoony illustrations. Bear has made a delicious birthday cake for his friend Mouse, but he keeps just missing him and has to chase his busy little friend seemingly around the world in every imaginable form of transport (it reminded me of the now very old Milk Tray adverts!) Eventually the cake, still remarkably in one piece, bear and mouse meet and enjoy a jolly party. There is lots of detail in the pictures to discover, as in this author’s previous excellent picture book The Disgusting Sandwich.

(Alison Green Books, £6.99 paperback, ISBN 9781407159652, find it here on the NLIS catalogue)

­Mandy: I, Coriander by Sally Gardner

corianderThis is one of those books I always meant to read but never quite got round to. Heartfelt apologies to Sally Gardner- it is truly one of the best books I’ve read in a long career of reading children’s books. Published in 2005, it won the Nestle Children’s Book Prize and is set in that strange period of Cromwell’s Commonwealth, after the Civil War in London. Amid huge fear of witchcraft, magic and fairies Coriander and her mother have strange gifts, but when her mother dies and is replaced by a very unsavoury stepmother things take a turn for the rather bad. Coriander is a determined and likeable character and the prose is simply beautiful. Perfect for your y6 best readers!

(Orion, £6.99 paperback, ISBN 9781842555040)

Zoë: The Case of the Spilled Ink by Holly Webb

maisy.jpgThis latest instalment in the Maisie Hutchins series continues in the same vein, being an enjoyable read as well as furthering Maisie’s detective skills.

Maisie’s best friend, Alice, has been sent to Boarding School whilst her father and his new bride go on honeymoon.

During one visit with Alice, Maisie hears about the pilfering from the other girls at the school. She decides it’s a mystery she can solve but, before too long, Alice goes missing. There are only two clues to help Maisie: a trail of paw prints through some spilled ink…

(Stripes, £5.99 paperback, ISBN 9781847154651, find it here on the NLIS catalogue)

You can read our previous Friday Read posts here.


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