Write on Norfolk

Write on Norfolk logo copyThis week saw the launch of Write on Norfolk, a county-wide summer writing competition for 5-13 year olds. Norfolk County Council are working in partnership with EDP for the initiative, designed to run alongside the annual Summer Reading Challenge.

The theme is (as you may have guessed) Norfolk! Entries must be no more than 500 words but can take any form you wish, as long as they do not exceed the word count. Winning work will be published in the EDP and there are book-token prizes to be had too. Participants will also receive a certificate which, if taken to a library, will gain a Children’s University credit. There’s a special submission page on the NCC website (here) and for more information, visit this page which explains a little more about the campaign.

This week’s Friday Reads are below:

Apryl: Willy’s Stories by Anthony Browne

storiesAnother Greenaway title from me, this time from the legendary Anthony Browne. A trip to the library sends Willy on an imaginative journey in this wonderful picture book, full to the brim of literary references you’ll know and love.


(Walker Books, £6.99 paperback, ISBN 9781406360899)

Harriet: Little Bits of Sky by S.E. Durrant

skyAn adult looks back to her arrival at a children’s home with her younger brother in 1989.  This is a warm, ultimately reassuring story of troubled children longing for proper families and home life. Maybe the resolution is too storybook perfect, but anything else would be hard to bear, as the author makes us empathise with the narrator and her brother. The main adults featured in the book are portrayed as well-meaning and kind on the whole, which for this readership (KS2) is appropriate. Nosy Crow have created a very appealing ‘package’ with attractive illustrations by Katie Harnett (they would look even lovelier in colour).

(Nosy Crow, £7.99 paperback, ISBN 9780857633996)

Mandy: A Cake for Tea by Sue Graves, illustrated by Richard Watson

cakeThis sweet ‘short read’ was a perfect choice for a brand new reader of my acquaintance called Tilly. Nearing the end of her year in Reception she came back to this book about 5 times in a few days while staying with her Grandma recently. It both reinforced her understanding of an everyday setting that she could read about and gave her good holiday reading practice. Though her mum would never have made such a mess with a cake and her grandma does not have grey hair we were pleased that it was said grandma who saved the day!

(Franklin Watts, £3.99 paperback, ISBN 9780749693947, find it here on the NLIS catalogue)

You can find our previous Friday Read recommendations here.



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