Goodbye Guardian Children’s Books!

A large cry of “oh no!” echoed around our office this morning when we read the news that the Guardian’s Children’s Book site was to close after five years (more details here).

We’ve always found it to be a brilliant resource, not just for its coverage of children’s books- from early years to YA- but because of the way it gave young people the opportunity to voice their opinions about what they’re reading by sharing with their peers.

Allowing young people to create their own dialogue about books is a wonderful way to instil and foster a love of reading from an early age, and to have a platform on which to do this beyond the immediate realms of their classroom is a rare opportunity, something that should be cherished. After all, their voices and opinions deserve to be heard and celebrated as much as everyone else’s!

The site was one we checked and shared content from regularly and it’s been heart-warming to see the responses from writers, readers and followers on twitter echoing our feelings of overwhelming sadness that the coverage of children’s books will now be integrated into the main books site and aimed towards adults. It’s a real shame and we wish everyone involved all the best for the future- thank you for five years of your wonderful website!


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