TT Ted!

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you may remember a post from last year in which we detailed the holiday adventures of SLS Ted who’d managed to find himself in Asia, taking in Singapore, Thailand and Bali, before whizzing his way back to the UK.

Flash-forward to June when Ted made his way across to the Isle of Man for the annual Tourist Trophy races, also known as IOM TT Races. You can see some of his adventures below (we’re mostly wondering how he managed to get to all of these events- he’s very small after all!)


Each year, lots of riders enter to tackle the 37 ¾ mile course. Thousands of visitors, along with almost as many motorbikes, travel from all over the world to watch the races where riders reach speeds of over 130mph!

During his time on the island, Ted visited the Grandstand in Douglas, marshalled a Pre-TT race at Castletown, walked to Glen Maye to see the waterfall and then headed to Tynwald Hill, where the Isle of Man’s parliament meets once a year.


He also made it to the top of the Laxey Wheel, learnt about the Manx mining industry, even finding his way into a mining shaft! Ted learnt about the past Kings of Man at Castle Rushen in Castletown, went to the island’s most northerly tip at the Point of Ayre where he saw lots of wild birds and on his final day, he saw some seals swimming near the Calf of Man.


Ted will be back on the SLS van when the new term begins in September so if he visits your school, don’t forget to ask him how his trip was (and find out how on earth he managed to navigate airport security and baggage claim on his own…)



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