Fri-Dahl Reads: Danny, the Champion of the World!

In celebration of The Big Friendly Read Summer Reading Challenge 2016, we’ve retired our usual Friday Read posts for a bit and are instead looking at some of our favourite Roald Dahl books. Last week Apryl wrote about her love for Matilda and below one of our Library Assistants Zoë has written about Dahl’s 1975 classic ‘Danny, the Champion of the World’. It was adapted into a made-for-TV film in 1989 starring Jeremy Irons and we bet you didn’t know that the BFG first appears in this book, when Danny’s dad William tells him a bedtime story tale about a friendly giant who captures dreams…

DannyThis story brings back powerful memories of enjoying story-time as a fourth year junior (Y6 to younger readers!).

My teacher, Mr Hamlyn, always read a story before we went home. We loved Roald Dahl and this was one of several of his books that we enjoyed during that school year, many years ago. My well-thumbed copy (with THIS cover!) is still on my bookshelf at home.

Danny’s father works in a garage behind which they live in a caravan; his mother died when Danny was a baby.One night, Danny awakens to discover his father is not asleep in his bunk. Where has he been? Poaching pheasants. On Mr Hazell’s land.

The landowner is a thoroughly unpleasant character, as is his head gamekeeper, Mr Rabbetts. Mr Hazell has tried, unsuccessfully, to buy the land Danny’s father owns. Between Danny and his father, an idea develops to poach a huge number of pheasants – two hundred is their target – and distribute them amongst their friends and neighbours; a bit like Robin Hood.

Do they succeed? Well, you’ll have to read the book to find out what happens!

You can borrow a copy of ‘Danny, the Champion of the World’ from your local Norfolk library or alternatively, you can find it on our SLS eBook platform. The Roald Dahl website also has a page about the book which includes some lesson plans for teachers- find it just here. Don’t f0rget, there’s still time to sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge at your local library- find where your nearest branch is here.


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