Fri-Dahl Reads: More About Boy

We’re at the halfway point of this year’s Summer Reading Challenge, The Big Friendly Read, and we can’t quite believe it-  the summer really is whizzing by! August is nearly over and September (and the new school year) is on the horizon.

For the past two weeks we’ve looked at some of our team’s favourite Roald Dahl books and this week one of our Librarians, Harriet, has chosen something a little more autobiographical than the novels we’ve had so far, ‘More Than Boy’.

More About Boy

I’ve always enjoyed Dahl’s memoir of his childhood, ‘Boy’, and this is even better as it is all of ‘Boy’ (plus some extra chapters he’d left out), adorned with photographs, excerpts from Dahl’s letters and Quentin Blake drawings on every page.

By being printed in an old-fashioned looking typewriter font it is clear which are the new inserts, and there are also occasional fact boxes and quotations from Dahl’s fiction, where relevant. A real treat, and even better knowing that ten per cent of the income from sales go to the Roald Dahl charities. His genius lives on, not only in giving joy to every new generation, but in making children’s lives better in other ways beyond reading.

You can find a copy of ‘More About Boy’ in your local Norfolk library and you’ll also find some interesting information about the book here on the Roald Dahl website. Don’t forget to visit the library to borrow some lovely books and finish the Summer Reading Challenge; you can find where your nearest Norfolk branch is by looking here.


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