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Did you see our #LoveToRead book selfies tweets (as mentioned on our blog post here)? Don’t worry if not- you can see below which books our team recommended last weekend, plus if you visit this link, you’ll be able to see a brilliant storify put together by Norfolk Libraries, which does a wonderful job at pulling together all of the content shared by libraries and library users last week.

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This week we published the newest issue of our HighLights newsletter for secondary schools which you can find (and read!) here. You can also find the most recent edition of our primary newsletter- BookBites- here, and if you want to read any of the newsletters we’ve sent out in the past year, you can helpfully find them within our archive just here.

This week’s Friday Reads are below and don’t forget, you can find even more end-of-week recommendations in our archive.

Apryl: Little Monkey by Marta Altes

Monkey.jpgAs someone who is usually the shortest person in the room (sometimes, even on school visits!), I loved this picture book about a monkey who is fed up that his size means he often finds himself left out of the fun his much bigger friends are having. Eventually, he begins to see how brilliant the little things in life are and that being small can make the adventure even bigger!

The book’s vibrant jungle illustrations combined with a heart-warming story make this absolutely perfect for bedtime reading.

(Macmillan, £11.99 hardback, ISBN 9781447259008, find it at a Norfolk Library)

Harriet: The Smell of Other People’s Houses by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock

Houses.jpgThe uncommon setting of Alaska in 1970 is interesting and unusual, but the feelings and situations of the four main protagonists of this novel are universal and involving.

While enjoying the unique setting, of water and ice and remote settlements, making this novel especially intriguing, I also felt drawn in by the appealing and authentic voices of the teenagers.


(Faber and Faber, £7.99 paperback, ISBN 9780571314959, find it at a Norfolk Library)

Zoë: Kidnap in the Caribbean by Lauren St. John

st-johnThis is the second exciting adventure featuring Laura Marlin which fans of Enid Blyton and Gene Kemp will enjoy.

Laura is loving her new life in Cornwall with her uncle. She still dreams of adventures where she solves mysteries like her fictional idol, Detective Inspector Matt Walker, with her friend, Tariq. One rainy day Laura is enticed to enter a competition – to win an all-expenses paid cruise to the Caribbean.

However things happen almost immediately after they board the spectacular cruise ship which Tariq is exploring with Laura prior to sailing, although he is not going on the trip. The upshot is Tariq becomes an unexpected passenger because the ship sets sail before he can disembark. During the cruise the children meet Jimmy Gannet and his ghastly parents whom they reluctantly befriend. But with the sudden disappearance of Calvin Redfern, Laura’s uncle, and other suspicious events when they dock at Antigua, Jimmy may be their only hope.

(Orion Childrens, £6.99 paperback, ISBN 9781444003277, find it at a Norfolk Library)


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