Kids’ Lit Quiz 2016!

This week began with lots of excitement as on Monday – for the second year running- our ELS team headed to Thetford Academy for the Norfolk regional heat of the 2016 Kids’ Lit Quiz. This year felt like a bumper edition as we were joined by 32 teams, comprising of 132 pupils from 19 schools, plus 50 more adults and young people all in attendance to see how everyone fared. It was a whirlwind three hours in which the young bookworms’ literary knowledge was truly put to the test.

As always, we were very impressed by just how much everyone knew and by how well they answered the questions in each round, which this year focused on some very unusual topics…!


One of our librarians, Harriet, gave us her thoughts on the proceedings:

“I was a mere humble marker, but from my position at the front I was very aware of the buzz and the excitement – and the sheer number of enthusiastic readers in the hall! Despite the crush and chat we could hear a pin drop when Wayne delivered the questions, and the concentration and air of competitiveness were palpable. But it is all very good humoured and all the teams, winners and losers, supported each other sportingly. I hope we meet them all again next year.”

As Harriet says, the team’s passion and enthusiasm for reading was HUGE, made all the more evident in how close the scores were at the end. By the end of the afternoon however, Team B from Litcham School had come out on top, making it the third year in a row that students from the school triumphed. Yet again it was wonderful to see their hard work pay off, with the support of their absolutely brilliant school librarian, Mrs Berry. Team B scored 90 points overall, a 12 point lead ensuring their success and securing a place at the UK national final in London on December 7th.

The winners from Litcham School, with librarian Cathy, quizmaster Wayne, and author Alexander Gordon Smith.


Second place was awarded to Team B from Thorpe St. Andrew (78 points), whose A team had come second last year- a little déjà vu perhaps! There was race for third place as both Attleborough Academy and City of Norwich’s teams achieved 76 point, but it was CNS who correctly answered the tie-break question to win the spot. During the quiz, they’d had two other tie breakers, which they lost, so they were incredibly pleased to make the final top 3.

Not to go unnoticed, our author and librarian team- authors Julian Sedgwick, Alexander Gordon Smith and Hilton Pashley, with school librarians Julie Glasel, Rob Welton and Emily Davison-Cripps, did exceedingly well, achieving 92.5 points! Proof if anything that they know just as much as the young readers, even if they aren’t eligible for a place in the final…!

L-R: Librarians Mrs Glasel from Taverham High, Mrs Davison-Cripps from Wymondham High and Mr Welton from Jane Austen College, with authors Alexander Gordon Smith, Hilton Pashley and Julian Sedgwick


You’ll find the final top 10 below but of course all of the schools involved did incredibly well and should all be proud of themselves. We hope they continue immersing themselves in books so their voracious love of reading continues long into the future.

1 Litcham School B 90
2 Thorpe St Andrew A 78
3 Attleborough Academy 76
3 City of Norwich (CNS) 76
4 Northgate High 75.5
5 Jane Austen College A 70
5 Litcham School A 70
6 Alderman Peel B 69
7 Taverham High 68
8 Flegg High School B 66
8 Thetford Grammar A 66
8 Wymondham High B 66
9 Jane Austen College B 63
9 Wymondham High A 63
10 Thorpe St Andrew B 62

We’d like to thank the staff and pupils at Thetford Academy, especially librarian Jackie Browne for hosting the event- they were so hospitable, providing us with help and assistance to ensure the day ran smoothly.

Thank you also to authors Julian Sedgwick, Alexander Gordon Smith and Hilton Pashley for coming along and not only taking part in the quiz itself, but for meeting everyone and signing books. We know how amazing it can be for young people to meet authors and we were so pleased to see students having the opportunity to chat away with you all throughout the afternoon.

Finally- and most importantly- we’d like to thank every school who attended; it was a real pleasure to meet and talk with so many of you and it was brilliant to see how excited you were about taking part. We hope you enjoyed the day as much we all did and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

We profiled the event on our Norfolk ELS twitter account which you can find here or alternatively, you can see here the storify we’ve collated, bringing together lots of the social media chatter about the event. You’ll also find a small piece about the event on the EDP website just here.


2 thoughts on “Kids’ Lit Quiz 2016!

  1. Congrats to your winning team. A Worcester team won the Midlands heat for the 1st time. I normally accompany the team, but as SLS have moved offices this week, I couldn’t make it. I’ll have to wangle an invitation to the London event and see you there.

    1. Thanks, Dawn! Litcham are on a winning streak it seems- third year in a row they’ve won our heat, and they even made it to the world finals in 2015! The school has a great blog which show how passionate they are about books and readin; definitely worth a read if you have a spare minute or five!

      Shame you missed your regional heat but I hope the Worcs SLS move went well and that you’re settling in!
      – Apryl @ ELS

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