Festive Countdown 2016- Week Three!

With only NINE DAYS until the main festive event, our team have recommended another four books for your perusal, bringing our total up to 12. If you’ve missed the first eight titles we’ve shared, where on earth have you been?

You can find week one here, week two here, plus our archive of Friday Reads just over here– lots to keep you busy now the end of term has finally arrived!


  • Don’t Cross the Line! by Isabel Minho Martins, illustrated by Bernardo P. Carvalho

A very forceful, simple message, emphasised by the bright colours and larger than life characters, and the speech bubbles with upper case letters. The book’s true message? That’s up to you to interpret…

(Gecko Press, £11.99 hardback, ISBN 9781776570744)

  • Du Iz Tak? by Carson Ellis

Hmm, what does that title mean? I don’t know, and I’ve read the book! This is a fascinating picture book featuring gorgeous insects (yes, really gorgeous!) in a minimal landscape, speaking a strange made-up language. There are lots of details in the pictures which help tell the story, and loads of fun to be had deciding what the insects are saying. An unusual book with literacy and EAL uses.

(Walker Books, £11.99 hardback, ISBN 9781406368413)

  • The Story Orchestra by Jessica Courtney-Tickle

Subtitled ‘Four Seasons in One Day’, this is a sumptuously illustrated novelty book, with excerpts from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to listen to as you accompany a young girl on a ‘walk’ through countryside scenes passing through the cycle of the seasons. Get hold of a copy if you can; it’s already reprinting!

( Frances Lincoln, £14.99 hardback, ISBN 9781847808776)

  • Owl Bat Bat Owl by Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick

Such a simple concept, but humorously and warmly handled, with lots to talk about. Completely wordless, the story is about a family of owls sitting in a tree, joined by a family of bats who cling upside down on the same branch, much to the horror of the parent owl. When a fierce wind shakes them all off, it is down to the littlest owl to rescue the littlest bat, and bring the two families together; awww!

(Walker Books, £11.99 hardback, ISBN: 9781406364392)


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