Terrific Trees: A Celebration!

Our Librarian, Harriet, wrote this before the rain descended on us once again…!

Because Spring has sprung at last, and because travelling around Norfolk there seem to be many trees threatened by road and house building (though there are some being planted too, happily), it seems a good moment to mention a few of the lovely children’s books featuring trees.


A new one from Mini Grey is always to be celebrated: The Last Wolf is about deforestation and conservation, but of course conveyed in her wittily humorous style. See also her fantastic ‘Sketching Weakly’ blog post about her inspirations for this story.

The Wizards of Once by Cressida Cowell. “Once there was Magic” opens the Prologue, and proceeds to draw the reader into the forests of ancient Britain, where the trees already seem old, gnarled and wintry. The adventures take place among the trees, and inside them, while the giants stride through and over them. For older readers than the Dragon series, it is nevertheless not too serious and the heroes are children that their readers will readily relate to.

It Starts With a Seed by Laura Knowles, illustrated by Jennie Webber. A beautifully produced book describing the growth of a tree in simple rhyming verse, each page illustrating the next stage in its development. Rather lovely.

Tidy by Emily Gravett. Not new now, but if you haven’t come across it, this is great for introducing a topic on the environment and conservation. Hilarious but with a serious message.

Hide and Seek by Anthony Browne. Like Into the Forest, this story takes place amongst the tall trees of a slightly surreal, almost sinister forest – and as so often with this illustrator, there are hidden surprises.

The Things that I love about Trees by Chris Butterworth, illustrated by Charlotte Voake With lovely illustrations by Charlotte Voake (who has previously written her own celebratory book about trees) this is a gentle introduction to arboreal facts for a young and curious audience.


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