A Chris Riddell Celebration

Where do you start with Chris Riddell?! Genius cartoonist every week for the Observer, illustrator for other authors, original author himself and illustrator of many fabulous picture books, not to mention his championship and support for libraries and his inspiring stint as children’s laureate. Phew!

Chris Riddell NML

We thought we would identify just a few of his popular children’s books to coincide with a fabulous exhibition on NOW at the Millennium Library (see a sneak peek above!). Sponsored by Macmillan Children’s Books, it features original paintings from his new picture book Once Upon a Wild Wood, inspired by the countryside around his Norfolk home.

Riddell header

Wendel’s Workshop is a picture book about a young mouse who gets a robot to help tidy up, but as in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, what starts out well begins to go madly awry…

In Alan Durant’s story Angus Rides the Goods Train, Chris Riddell’s poignant and powerful illustrations magnify the haunting sadness of the text.

The Ottoline stories are madcap adventures for younger KS2 children, featuring a bold, independent girl encountering all sorts of excitements. The books are beautifully produced and often feature a bonus item: a miniature pamphlet or a book mark etc.

The Goth Girl series is for slightly older children – and all adults, as the puns and literary jokes come thick and fast. Absolutely hilarious, again beautifully produced, they are parodies of the gothic novel and pick up on popular culture while being pleasant, simple little adventures at the same time. A treat for all.

You can find these and many other books on the Norfolk Library catalogue, just here.



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