Back to School 2018!

This week, schools across Norfolk said goodbye to the summer holidays and hello to a brand new academic year. While many enjoyed a 6-week sunshine-filled break, our team have been keeping busy in the office, working hard to assemble project boxes for use this term and adding to our stock lots of new and exciting books to share with children across the county. We’ve shared a few recommendations below, all books which would work well for use during this ‘back to school’ period.

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New at School: books for the start of the Autumn Term


  • Rosa series by Jessica Spanyol

This is a sweet little series of board books featuring young Rosa and her friends, possibly at nursery school, and defying gender stereotypes with activities like playing ball and enjoying toy cars, and, in another story, showing how Rosa – despite being a girl!  –  likes dinosaurs.

(Child’s Play, £4.99 board book, ISBN 9781786281241)

  • Along Came a Different by Tom McLaughlin

The ‘differents’ of the title are a variety of coloured shapes, all with contrasting characteristics. Barely tolerating each other’s differences, they keep to themselves, until the situation becomes so silly they make a set of rules. But then some much more liberal minded shapes arrive, followed by a beautiful multi-coloured star, the rules are forgotten and everyone realises it’s much more fun to share and enjoy differences. A simple but fun fable, which could help with school situations.

(Bloomsbury, £11.99 hardback, ISBN 9781408888926)

  • Girls with a Voice by Ann Turnbull

Mary Ann is just starting at a new school, where she hopes to concentrate on her singing talent and become a professional singer. She is excited by the visit of the famous prodigies Wolfgang and his sister Fanny Mozart – yes we are in late 18th century London – but she is shattered when she has to leave the school and perhaps abandon her hopes and dreams.  The school is in an old house, 6 Chelsea Walk, which features in several short novels by different authors set over several centuries. Readers can delve further into the exciting world of 18th century London on the Usborne Quicklinks website.

(Usborne, £6.99 paperback, ISBN 9781474954952)

  • The Land of Neverendings by Kate Saunders

Emily is just starting at high school, but as well as dealing with the challenges of a new big school, she is coping with the sudden death of her very disabled older sister, whom the family had greatly loved and cherished. Holly’s favourite soft toy, Bluey, had been cremated with her, which added to Emily’s sadness – but strange things were beginning to happen, with toys coming alive and seemingly happily living in their own world, a world which Emily herself had made up to amuse her sister. This may sound maudlin, but it is in fact a lovely warm and very funny story of love, imagination and memories.

(Faber, £6.99 paperback, ISBN 9780571336562)


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