Natty New Non-Fiction!

The School Library Association has announced the winners of this year’s Information Book Award, which celebrates the amazing richness and sheer gorgeousness of much of the non-fiction available to our young people today. We urge you to take a look at the winners who were announced at a ceremony on 7th November: find it here.

Congratulations too to Nicola Morgan, whose contribution to raising awareness of young people’s mental health has been recognised at the same event with the awarding of the Hachette Children’s Group Award for Outstanding Contribution to Information Books

Here are a few of some recent additions to our non-fiction stock.


  • Dr Christian’s Guide to Growing Up Online by Dr Christian Jessen

Written in collaboration with international anti-bullying charity ‘Ditch the Label’, this is a timely and attractively presented self help manual for young people – who should be at least 13 before they might even need this book, but as the authors recognise, social media is used by ever younger children. Written in the form of questions and possible solutions, sensible, simple guidance like this is very much needed.

(Scholastic, £8.99 paperback, ISBN 9781407178769, find it at a Norfolk Library)

  • Riding a Donkey Backwards retold by Sean Taylor and Khayall Theatre, illustrated by Shirin Adl

21 ‘wise and foolish tales of Mulla Nasruddin’ are brief and amusing little fables, brightly illustrated, and introducing us to a much loved character from Muslim cultures. As the introduction tells us, this legendary figure has different names in different countries and languages, but his trickster personality will be recognised world over.

(Otter-Barry Books, £12.99 hardback, ISBN 9781910959305)

  • Beliefs and Ideas That Changed the World by Clare Hibbert

This lavishly illustrated book is published by the British Library (and what a gorgeous inky smell the book has, mmm!), and most of these illustrations are from the British Library itself. It looks at not only the beginnings of our major religions, but philosophies, creation and other myths, gods and more modern scientific discoveries – but necessarily very briefly. It forms a fascinating introduction to our human need to understand our place in the universe.

(British Library, £12.99 hardback, ISBN 9780712356800, find it at a Norfolk Library)



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