December is Coming…

We don’t want you to get too excited, but we’ve heard a vicious rumour that next week, our annual festive countdown may be returning… We can neither confirm or deny this, though what we will say is KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED for what may or may not appear on this blog sometime next week…. *looks shifty*

To tide you over, below are a few reviews care of our library assistant, Zoë:

  • The Extraordinary Colours of Auden Dare by Zillah Bethell

This is a brilliant, thought-provoking story set some time in the future where water is the most expensive consumable on the planet due to the extreme lack of rain.

Against this waterless backdrop, Auden Dare is a fairly typically 11 year old boy with the exception of his sight. He suffers from achromatopsia. Everything is black and white to him; a colourless world.

When his uncle dies, Auden and his mum move into Unicorn Cottage. Auden is left a puzzling letter and a piece of rock in his uncle’s will. Who is Six-Six?

Auden gradually pieces things together to discover something incredible that his uncle had made. If only he could find the battery…

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. The characters are really interesting, especially the way they interact with each other and the world they live in. It’s also a great story to promote some of the STEM subjects.

(Piccadilly Press, £6.99 paperback, ISBN 9781848126084, find it at a Norfolk Library)

  • Nadiya’s Bake Me a Festive Story by Nadiya Hussain

When a book is billed as having 30 new recipes and original stories, I am somewhat disappointed to see that, actually, some of the stories are very familiar ones being retold, albeit with a baking twist.

That said, the book is quite charming. There are insights from Nadiya explaining the inclusion of various stories and recipes as well as fun photos of her family. There are also some lovely illustrations by Clair Rossiter.

This would be a welcome present for anyone who loves baking and festive stories. I rather fancy trying out the sweetcorn chowder…!

(Hodder, £14.99 hardback, ISBN 9781444939613, find it at a Norfolk Library)

Don’t forget: you can find our archive of Friday Read recommendations just here.




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