Book Advent: Week 3!

Week three of our book advent has arrived which means- brace yourselves- that actual real life Christmas is only ONE WEEK AWAY. Isn’t that bananas?

Two weeks ago, our library assistant Zoë shared four books she’d like to receive this holiday season and last week, our manager Caroline let us know what she’s hoping to find under the tree this year. Today’s selection comes from our senior library assistant Apryl, who has chosen four books she’s eager to read this holiday season…

As with the other entries, you’ll can follow along with these posts using the #Advent2018 tag and don’t forget: if any of the books take your fancy, they might be available for loan from us along with thousands of other books- just get in touch!


  • My Mum Tracy Beaker by Jacqueline Wilson

Growing up, I ploughed my way through Jacqueline Wilson’s back catalogue to an almost obsessive degree. While the Tracy Beaker books weren’t necessarily some of my all-time favourites, I am excited as an adult reader to revisit her story, especially as she too is now a grown up, complete with her own daughter, Jess!

(Doubleday, £12.99 hardback, ISBN 9780857535221, find it at a Norfolk Library)

  • Women in Battle by Marta Breen, illustrated by Jenny Jordahl

Over the last year or so, the rise of non-fiction books about “rebellious” girls has been staggering but this is definitely one of the better titles I’ve come across. This graphic novel gives an overview of 150 years of women’s rights, and their ongoing impact on the history of feminism. It is- of course- a dip in the ocean, but it’s a brilliant introduction to the battles women have overcome in recent history, from women’s suffrage, finding their place as world leaders, marriage equality, and the #metoo movement.

(Hot Key Books, £9.99 paperback, ISBN 9781741408120, find it at a Norfolk Library)

  • The Punk Factor by Rebecca Denton

I am a sucker for coming of age novels- especially ones with strong female leads- so it’s no surprise to me that I added this new teen title to my mental ‘to read’ pile as soon as I saw the synopsis. Frankie lacks confidence but is obsessed with what everyone else is thinking. When her best friend Haruna suggests they form a punk band, Frankie is all in, deciding it’s a great opportunity to get her ex-boyfriend Doc’s attention. However, it’s all change when she realises that she doesn’t need anyone else to make herself happy- she’s the key to unlocking her independence.

(Atom, £7.99 paperback, ISBN 9780349003122, find it at a Norfolk Library)

  • How to Make Friends with a Ghost by Rebecca Green

I make no apologies for having an interest in all things spooky and while I know I’m writing about what I’d like to receive for another festive holiday, this lovely picture book by Rebecca Green really appeals to my inner Halloween-enthusiast. What are you to do when you meet a ghost? What’re their foods of choice? How can you avoid your ghostly friend being mistaken for a floating marshmallow?

These are all questions worth answering, and Rebecca Green certainly does the job- with brilliant illustrations to boot!

(Anderson Press, £6.99 paperback, ISBN 9781783446803, find it at a Norfolk Library)


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