It’s Christmas Eve (& Week 4 of our Advent)!

Well, it’s 24 hours until “the big day” and below is our final installment in this year’s Book Advent.

Over the last four weeks, our team have each shared four books they’d like to receive this Christmas from picture books to teen reads, a wide-range of titles we think are worthy of your attention. If you’ve missed any, you can find Zoe’s week one picks here, Caroline’s week two selection here and Apryl’s week three shortlist here. Below are our librarian Harriet‘s four choices, for some last-minute reading (and gift!) inspiration.

We’ll be on a festive break until January, but until we return- thank you, as always, for reading our blog and we hope you all have a lovely break, where ever you are and whatever you end up doing!


  • Santa Claus vs the Easter Bunny by Fred Blunt

Hilarious and ultimately heartwarming (what else could it be?!) picture book about the poor Easter Bunny and his perceived hardships compared with his next door neighbour Santa Claus. Explains why you may find Easter eggs scattered around the garden (ahh, solves that one after all these years!), and hopefully may encourage all young readers to write Thank You letters after receiving gifts at whatever time of year (or at least leave out some carrots).

(Anderson Press, £11.99 hardback, ISBN 9781783447138)

  • Bookworm: A Memoir of Childhood Reading by Lucy Mangan

This is an adult memoir about childhood reading, and I loved it to bits and will be giving it to all my book group and other friends for Christmas. Inside the beautiful dust-cover is a light-hearted, nostalgic, and informative discussion about the quality and history of recent writing for children and young people. Of course it helps that the author’s favourites were mine also, and the ones she found hard to love mine too. Just don’t expect your offspring to adore the same books you did…

(Square Peg, £14.99 hardback, ISBN 9780224098854, find it at a Norfolk Library)

  • Nadiya’s Bake Me a Celebration Story by Nadiya Hussain, illustrated by Clair Rossiter

Bake Off star and her two lively children present a mix of recipes, crafts and stories in an exuberantly presented book celebrating different festivals from around the world. Although Christmas itself is not represented, anyone receiving this as a present will find plenty of lovely activities to keep them occupied over the holiday.

(Hodder, £14.99 hardback, ISBN 9781444939583, find it at a Norfolk Library)

  • The Afterwards by A.F. Harrold, illustrated by Emily Gravett

I’m looking forward to reading the new novel from this author, though I may well need tissues handy, as it is about a child whose best friend dies in an accident and the loneliness she feels until she finds her way into a grey Afterworld, finds her friend there and determines to bring her back. Harrold has worked with Gravett before in The Imaginary, and the dreamy magic of the narrative is beautifully complemented by the illustrations.

(Bloomsbury, £1299 hardback, ISBN 9781408894316, find it at a Norfolk Library)


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